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Frame Circle

This sample allows each frame being accessed by the other frames using the link, form GET and form POST method.

Frame Target

This sample combines several features of forms such as non existent target, no target, _top, _parent, _self, _blank and <base target>.

Dynamic Frame Target

The following samples do some ugly things frame parameters:

Frame Source With Blanks

The Page-level API(Build 770) and Netscape Navigator have problems with frame sources containing blanks. Check this to reproduce.

Redirected Frame

The right frame of the following sample forces a redirection.

Dynamic Content using JavaScript

JavaScript does the trick

Again JavaScript, but with a redirection.

Custom Framed Page

Left frame URL:
Right frame URL:
Left frame uses: %

Dynamic Number Of Frames

Specify the number of frames (1-8):

JavaScript Target

The following sample causes display problems in TrueLog Explorer 5.1, the secret lies within the following 3 html code parts:
  1. a frameset with 2 frames (called main and relay), whose first frame (relay) has a height of 1 without any border (so virtually invisible):

      <frameset rows="1,*" frameborder="" BORDER="0" >
        <frame marginheight="10" marginwidth="10" name="relay" src="relay.html" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="yes" frameborder="" BORDER="0">
        <frame marginheight="10" marginwidth="10" name="main" src="main.html" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" BORDER="0">

  2. a form submission located in frame main with target frame relay

    <form action="forwarder.asp" method="post" target="relay">

  3. and, directly linked, a location header set by JavaScript back to the main frame.

      <script language="JavaScript">
        top.main.location = anyurl;

While the actual session is done on frame main, the recording engine does not recognize the jump back from relay to main frame, committed by JavaScript and therefore TLE displays the wrong content.

To reproduce:

What you will experience: after the JavaScript redirection, mentioned under 3., stepping through the TrueLog by clicking on the API Function Nodes, always displays the rendered HTML from the Submit Where To Go page

Same Location, different Content

This sample shows a document which gets different content on a second request, but its url remains the same.