Relative Urls and base the tag

Base of a document

The position of this document: /htmlparser/BaseTest/RelUrls.html and was copied from /htmlparser/RelRuls.html

In order to avoid dead links the base tag had to be used: <base href="http:///htmlparser/index.html">

Browser only can resolve a link when the path specified in the 'href' attribute is an absolute path.

since Build 651 base tag is supported.

Relative Urls in Anchors

<a href="../bingo.html">Bingo Site</a>
<a href="../bingoDir/subdir/../x.html></a>



since Build 651 ok

Relative Urls in Forms

<form action="../data2html.asp" name="EToG" method=get>
  <input type=text name=perro value=Wadlbeisser>
  <input type=reset name=DontRecordMe value="RESET">
  <input type=submit name=RecordThisSubmitButton value=Ok>


since Build 651 ok

Embedding documents using relative Urls

<img src="../images/segue_logo.gif">
<img src= "../images/quest_logo.gif">

since Build 651 ok

updated: marko /24/10/00