Finding Embedded Documents

Embedded stylesheet documents

  1. The first document 'stylesheet1.css' was embedded using the 'link' tag.
    <link href='stylesheet1.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
    This document has to be dowloaded by Netscape and IExplorer

  2. The second document 'stylesheet2.css' can be found in the body block.
    <style type="text/css">
       @import url(stylesheet2.css);
    Netscape can't download this file

  3. The third document 'stylesheet3.css' can be found in the head block.
    It embedded like the second stylesheet document using a style block.
    Netscape can't download this file.

Build 652

Case twho and three not supported

An embedded applet

<APPLET code=Viewer.class archive="data.jar, data2.jar, data3.jar" >
   <PARAM NAME="picture" VALUE="segue.gif">

How to process:

  1. Download the archive
  2. Download the class file
  3. Problem: The started applet itself downloads the picture segue.gif. It has to be recorded with function WebPageUrl

Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support java


Embedded scripts
Netscape IExplorer differences

Background Picture of the table: 'segue1.gif'

  1. The first cell simply embeds the picture 'segue.gif'
  2. The second cell contains three links. Each has two pictures as content like:
    <a href=" ..." ><img src= "..."><img src= ""></a>
  3. Form with one image as submit button:
    <form name= "DefaultForm1">
       <input type="image" src="box5.gif">
  4. Embedded script file:
    <script src="functs.js"></script>

    A click of the button link has to be recorded with WebPageUrl
  5. Netscape and IExplorer differences. (Will be managed by SilkPerformer 4.0)
    <img src="segue.gif" lowsrc="segue2.gif dynsrc="search.avi">
    Netscape ignores the 'dynsrc' attribute
    IExplorer ignores the 'lowsrc' attribute
  6. An embedded applet 'Viewer.class'. The same class as in the first example.
    This applet downloads the file 'segue3.gif'.
    'segue3.gif' has to be recorded with WebPageUrl(...)
Simple embedded picture
Three links
Box1 PictureBox2 Picture
Box3 PictureBox4 picture
Box5 PictureBox6 picutre

Embedded submit button

Embedded JavaScript




Build 617 replay problems:

  1. No applets downloaded
  2. <script src="functs.js"></script>: functs.js was not downloaded
  3. No stylesheet documents downloaded. Note differences between Netscape and IExplorer

Build 617 recorder problems:

  1. An applet downloaded 'segue3.gif'. This was not recorded with WebPageUrl(..)

Build 651,652 ok