Parameters of forms

Recording and replaying of value/pairs


Action string of the form looks like

<form action='data2html2.asp?pos=2&amp;pax=2pp' method=get>



name=hallo default input type is text

type=text name=hallo2

value='I have no name'

type=checkbox name=chkbox1 value=good

type=checkbox name=chkbox2

type=radio name=radio1 value=bad

type=radio name=radio1

type=submit value=submitQuery

type=submit name=Submit value=Execute



  1. Reset Buttons must not be recorded and must not be replayed
  2. The query string appended to the action has to be ignored when using method get
  3. Controls that do not define the name attribute can't be submitted

Build 617 problems:

  1. Reset button recorded
  2. Controls without name recorded
  3. Submit button that doesn't define a name attribute recorded
  4. The recorded nonsense could be replayed
  5. Recording radio groups. Only one radio button is active. All were recorded.

Build 651 ok

Build 652 error: Wrong funtion recorded


Special Buttons


Action string of the form looks like

<form action=data2html.asp method=post>


type=button name= button1 value= Button



type=Image name=ImgSubmit value=IgnoreValueAttribute







  1. Controls of type button have to be ignored
  2. Submitting with ImageButtons when the control has its name attribute defined

    Two values have to be sent to the server: buttonname + '.x=' + x-coordinate
                                                              buttonname + '.y=' + y-coordinate
  3. Submitting with Image Buttons. No name attribute defined

    Two value have to be sent: 'x=' + x-coordinate
                                          'y=' + y-coordinate

Build 651 errors:
Replay: ImageButtonControls were incorrectly replayed. Instead of 'button.x=34&button.y=4' simply 'button=' was replayed.