Forms Test | Http Method POST

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Some controls mixed with some hidden session strings

The contence of the form (form name: form1) below:

  1. Listbox with multiple select enabled. Values: 1 - 5. Name: OptionPack1
  2. RadioGroup. Values: 1- 4. Name: RadioOne
  3. Checkboxes. Name: chkbox1 - chkbox4
    Value CheckBox 1 when checked: 'on'
    Value CheckBox 2 when checked: 'Evaluation'
    Value CheckBox 3 when checked: 'MobyDick'
    Value CheckBox 4 when checked: 'JackLondon'
  4. An Image
  5. TextArea. Name: textfield
  6. PasswordField. Name: secrete
  7. SubmitButton
  8. ResetButton
  9. An image as submitbutton
  10. Two hidden fields. Names: sess, uuid

Result to be generated by the recorder:

  1. Multiple select with 5 options. The first and second options are by default preselected
  2. Radiogroup with 4 radiobuttons
  3. 4 checkboxes. The first checkbox hasn't got a value attribute defined
  4. A picture that will be used twice. (Decoration for the last submitbutton)
  5. A textfield and a passwordfield

Build 651 ok

Build 652 error:
WebPageForm used instead of WebPageSubmit

Action string contains a query, http method is post

 The sessioninformation of this form (formname: form2) is partly stored in hidden fields and partly as an URL query string.

<form action='data2html.asp?CFID=17192&CFTOKEN=16297276' method=post name='form2'>
  <input type="hidden" name="session" value=FORMSTEST_17192_16297276>
  <input type="hidden" name="uuid" value=DC8E7D45-6D14-11D3-B32600104B27CA93>
  <input name="editBox" value="UNSPECIFIED_PASSIVE_OPEN" >
  <input type="checkbox" name="abort" value="stop it" checked>
  <input type="checkbox" name="destroy" value="destroy it">
  <input type="reset" value=Reset>
  <input type="submit" name="Send" value="Confirm"> 



  1. Recorder should create a function call like WebPageSubmit("form2", TheForm001, "")
  2. Two hidden fields, names: session, uuid
  3. One textfield, name: editBox
  4. Two checkboxes. names: abort, destroy. Values when checked: 'stop it' , 'destroy it'
  5. Don't forget the sessioninformation in the action string

Build 651 ok

Build 652 error:
WebPageForm recoreded instead of WebPagesubmit

Default values of controls


Controls like Checkboxes or Radiogroups may have been assigned a value using their value attribute. Now test for default value when those controls where not assigned a value using the value attribute.


Eg. test:
<input type=checkbox name=chb1 value="commerce">   value is 'commerce' when checked
<input type=checkbox value="milk">                            no name attribute defined
<input type=checkbox>                                             value is 'on' when checked



name=chkbox1 value=commerce
noname value=milk
name=chkbox2 value=commune
name=radio1 value=a
name=radio1 value=b checked
name=radio1 value=c
name=radio1 value=d checked
name=radio2 novalue checked
name=radio2 novalue
name=radio2 novalue
name=radio2 novalue checked


The checkbox without a name can't be submitted
chkbox3's value is 'on' when submitted
Other values as specified

The last radiobutton with the checked attribute is active
Values as specified

The last radiobutton with the checked attribute is active
Its value is 'on'

Name: select1

Multiple select, value attributes are assigned
values 1 - 8.
The first two options are preselected 

Name: select2

The second option:
<option>Ki<img src="box6.gif">shon</option>

Single select:
No value attributes defined
Option b and d have the selected attribute.

Name: select3

Multiple select:
No value attributes
No content
No preselected options 

Result For all active options send the value as defined in the value attribute.
Single select -> only option d is preselected
As no value attributes are defind send
the content when submitting

Note the second option:
The image has to be dowloaded.
When submitting the form the content 'Kishon'
has to be sent
no value attribute and no content.
Send the corresponding ordinal number for the option.
Eg. Option 3 is active
       Send: select3=3



Build 651 ok

Build 652 error as above

Different controls with the same name


<input type=checkbox name="perro" value="Setter">
<input tpye=radio name="perro" value="Struppi">
<input type=radio name="perro" value= "Bello">



name=cb1 value=perro
name=cb1 value=gato

Browsers don't have
care about naming

name=cb1 value=good
name=cb1 value=better
name=cb1 value=best


name=cb1 value=Lama

Build 651 ok