Finding Embedded Documents in Conjunction with the Object Tag

Java Applet embedded with the object tag

<OBJECT classid=java:Struppi.class data=segue.gif height=150 id=obj1 width=80

identifying attribute id=obj1

  1. attribute data holds a picture that has to be downloaded
  2. attribute archive holds three jar files that have to be downloaded

Class file not found or Your browser doesn't support java

Build 617 problems:

Embedd a picture with the object tag

<OBJECT data=segue3.gif height=150 id=obj2 style="HEIGHT: 105px; WIDTH: 266px" width=300 shape>

identifying attribute id=obj2

Netscape can't embed pictures with the object tag. (Netscape bug)
Netscape simply refuses rendering and downloading when facing such a tag.

Build 617:

  1. Ok

Embedded ActiveX controls

  1. It hardly happens that ActiveX controls invoke downloads because the source for such controls exists on the client machine.
    A download will only be performed when the source doesn't exist on the client machine and the path where the source can be
    downloaded was specified in the object attribute.

  2. Such a seldom download could simply be recorded with function WebPageUrl

The first ActiveX control:
All of this object tag may be ignored except thedata attribute

<OBJECT classid=CLSID:DFD181E0-5E2F-11CE-A449-00AA004A803D data= box1.gif  >
height=65 id="Microsoft Forms 2.0 ScrollBar" width=110>

The second ActiveX control:
Simply ignore the whole object tag

<OBJECT classid=CLSID:8E27C92B-1264-101C-8A2F-040224009C02 height=30
id="Calendar Control 8.0" style="HEIGHT: 163px; WIDTH: 300px" width=80>

Build 617:

  1. Ok

Alternative loading

<OBJECT id=FakeObject>       <!-- if we cannot download ''-->
      <OBJECT classid=java:Viewer.class id=obj8 >       <!-- then we have to download 'Viewer.class' -->
          <PARAM NAME="picture" VALUE="segue2.gif">    <!-- has to be recorded with WebPageUrl(...) -->

Nested object tags:
The browser request for the file ''. The server returns the errorcode 404 (not found)
then the broser have to download the alternative 'Viewer.class'.
Only when using IExplorer


You should look for better browsers!!!!!!

Build 617 problems:

  1. was recorded with WebPageUrl(...)
  2. Only IExplorer tries to download This should be managed by function WebPageLink in the replay
  3. 'segue2.gif' has to be recorded with WebPageUrl(...). The download of 'segue2.gif' will be invoked by the applet 'Viewer.class'

Alternative loading

<OBJECT id= FakedAgain >
    <OBJECT classid=java:Suppi.class id= obj5 >

The browser checks the first object tag and notices that it can't support a programm called 'tschawa'. Therefore,
the browser continues and tries to download 'Suppi.class'.



Displayed instead of the applet


The response of the server has to be again http error 404 (not found). The class wasn't implemented.

Build 617 problems:

  1. 'Suppi.class' was recorded with WebPageUrl(...)