Parsing and Identification

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Parsing nonconforming Forms

<form action="data2html.asp" name='ValidForm'>                                   <!-- begin form ValidForm -->          
       <input type=text name=Fonts value=Verdana>
       <input type=password name=nonOfYorBiz >
                   <form action="ThisActionIsInvalid" name='BadForm'>            <!-- Ignore -->
                            <input type=submit value="SubmitButton" name="submit">
                   </form>                                                                       <!-- end ValidForm -->
        <input type=image src="box5.gif" name="Netscape ignores this button">  <!-- IExplorer downloads picture -->

IExplorer recognizes form controls outside the form context. Therefore, only IExplorer will download the picture 'box5.gif'. Fortunatly, a formsubmit with this button is not supported by browsers.

The form with the name 'BadForm' doesn't exist. It will
be ignored by browsers.

Only when using IExplorer the line
<input type=image src=box5.gif> will be recognized

Netscape will ignore this line because it's outside the


Build 820:
Recording and replaying isn't corresponding to browser's behavior.

Identifying Forms 1

If the 'form tag itselft does not define the 'name' attribute we have to examine the form controls in order to find a submit button which we use for indentification. If we find a button of type 'submit' we'll have to use its 'value' attribute for the identification of the form. (Of course, the 'value' attribute must not be the empty string).
If the first found button is of type=img, we'll use its 'alt' attribute to identify the form.

<form action="/" method="get">
    <input type=hidden name=zak value=cat>
    <input type="image" src="box5.gif" name="Ok" alt="Box5">
    <input type="submit value=Ratamahatta name=Ramadan>



Results should be:

Record WebPageSubmit("Box5", FormBox5001, ""). This is the first found submit button.

since Build 810 ok


Identifying Forms 2

The 'form' tag doesn't define the 'name' attribute. The first submit button is of type 'image', has got the 'alt' attribute which is unfortunately empty. Therefore, we've got to continue to find another submit button.

<form action="/htmlparser" method=get>
   <input name="Favourite actor" value ="Ed O'Neil"> 
   <input type= image src="box5.gif" alt="">
   <input type=submit value=Send name=Sendbutton>

since Build 820 ok

Identifying Forms 3

Forms without any identifying attributes have to be assigned an automatic generated identification.

<form action="/data2html.asp">
    <input type="text" name="Synonym" value="Acronym">
    <input type= "image" src="box5.gif">
    <input type="image" src="box5.gif">



Record something like WebPageSubmit("box5", FORM000, "", 3)

since Build 620 ok


updated: marko /24/10/00