Maintaining the Context in many Windows

  1. The link below opens a new browser window that serves as an index for the frame. The same document has already been opened in another windows using JavaScript. 
  2. The JavaScript action was correctly recorded with WebPageUrl(....). 
  3. The frameset document looked like:


      window2=open("MoIndex.html","secondLinkWindow",< BR>   "scrollbars=yes,width=400, height=600")

  4. Results should look like:

    One call of WebPageLink or WebPageUrl for the whole frameset
    One call of WebPageUrl for the JavaScript action



Activate a second Browser window

Open a second Index Window. The action has to be recorded with WebPageLink(...) <a href=MoIndex.html target="_blank">


Result should look like:

  1. Each activated link in the Index-Window should be recorded with WebPageLink(...)



Build 617 problems

  1. Maintaining context over many windows not supported so far
  2. The JavaScript action was correctly recorded with WebPageUrl(...) but, as a consequence, each frame download was recorded with WebPageUrl(...).