Session Handling

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This document first checks the querystring for a variable called "SessionID". If this variable is not available, a redirection to itself follows, with a time-generated session id stored in the accordingly variable.

SessionID in Redirection

SessionID = SID5:44:56 AM

Create a new session:  session_id.asp
Reuse session: session_id.asp?Param1=Value1&SessionID=SID5:44:56 AM&Param3=Value3

SessionID in Hidden Form Fields


Hidden field SessionID =

Name field =

SessionID created by JavaScript redirection

Redirect to SessionID page using JavaScript: session_javaredir.html
            <script language="JavaScript">
                window.location = "session_id.asp?SessionID=JavaScriptRedirect";
              // -->

Session Counter

The following sample helps to verify the WebPageBack() function.

Session in Name

The following form stores the actual session in the name of the field.