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Static: WebStone

Each of the following files has a specific size: 5 Bytes, 50 Bytes, 500 Bytes, 500 Bytes(read below), 512 Bytes, 5 KBytes, 50 KBytes, 500 KBytes and finally 5 MBytes.

Dynamic: Any Size Response

According to the value of "NumberOfLines" in the QueryString the content of the retreived URL contains NumberOfLines lines. Play around changing the value in the Querystring manually and take a look at dynamicsize.asp to see how it works.
Number of lines:

Loop a specific period of time: send visible response, loop, send remaining response

This ASP gets the number of seconds from the querystring and simply loops until the time has passed.
            starttime = Hour(Now())*60*60+Minute(Now())*60+Second(Now())
            endtime = starttime + Request.QueryString("seconds")
              quittime = Hour(Now())*60*60+Minute(Now())*60+Second(Now())
              If (endtime <= quittime) then
                Exit Do
              End If
Loop for seconds

Loop a specific period of time: loop, send response

This ASP is useful to test server busy time, since it doesnt send anything back until the time is over.

Loop for Seconds

Large HTML page with Images

Large page with images

Embedded: Images



quest_logo.gif (5777 bytes)



HTML page with very large images

This test shall show how many concurrent connections and threads webbrowsers open to downlaod the images.

Large images

HTML page with two frames and large contents

Large frames