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New Technologies
This technology allows mapping a database table into an XML document and back again, providing a great deal of flexibility in the XML structure generated.
The Effigy Programming Language expresses object-oriented programming models in a conceptual frame and visual environment.
Jackal is a Java-based communications infrastructure for agents and multi-agent.
OCF for Embedded Devices
A prototype version of the OpenCard Framework for pervasive computing devices.
XSL Editor
The IBM XSL Editor application allows a user to import, create, and save Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets and Extensible Markup Language (XML) source documents.
RAS Toolkit for Java
The RAS Toolkit for Java provides message logging and tracing functions for Java applications.
It is a batch processing application for XML files, which processes them in an interactive or in a non-interactive mode based on the specified operation (sorting, validating against a new DTD, deleting some nodes etc).
Search in Chinese text using any English search engine, such as Yahoo!, Altavista, Infoseek etc.
AFP to SVG Transcoder
A prototype tool for transcoding Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) documents to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Log Package for Java
The log4j package provides a simple yet flexible mechanism to output log statements to a file or to an OutputStream.
Enhanced VideoCharger Player
Enhanced VideoCharger Player with facility to segment video.
KwikBook is an indexing and retrieving Java application designed to make the use of BookManager CDROMs simpler and more efficient.
Tqm is used to compute quantum mechanical dielectric thickness - key values necessary to compare results and project future results of capacitance-voltage measurements in advanced CMOS technology.
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Apache and industry leaders debut XML suite of tools

The Apache Software Foundation, in conjunction with IBM, Sun, Lotus, ExOffice, DataChannel, and Textuality announced the formation of the "xml.apache.org" Project. This project provides a robust set of XML-related and XSL-related libraries and applications within an industry-wide, peer-based Open Source development process.

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IBM Launches developerWorks!

developerWorks, IBM's new resource for developers, focused on open standards and cross-platform development issues from IBM and other industry leaders has officially launched. Check out the new Open Source section, featuring the Jikes Java compiler, IBM Classes for Unicode and Data Explorer to come in October.

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alphaBeans Special Promotion

Now available for sale at Flashline -- a special collection of commercial alphaBeans at a special price:

Masking Bean Suite 5.0 - a new version with "helpful" features and bug fixes
-Drag and Drop Bean Suite 2.1 - a new version with enhancements to let you specify your own drag/drop images
-UIControls Bean Suite 3.0 - a wide variety of beans and classes that extend and improve the behavior of many commonly-used AWT controls
-WiringHelpers Collection 1.0 - a set of four bean packages that help you visually program applications without writing a line of code

See for a complete list of all commercial alphaBeans.


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Updated Technologies
Bean Markup Language
New version now includes a free commercial license!
Remote AWT for Java
One bug fix and some performance improvements for Swing applications.
Install Toolkit for Java
New version contains enhanced function and fixed bugs for shortcuts. See more for detail.
XMI Toolkit
New version provides conversions between Java, Rational Rose, and UML models. Also includes an API to read and write XMI 1.0 files.
XML Generator
New correction to a previous code that will now output at least one element. A correction to the command line parsing. Improved Windows batch files.
TFTP Server for Java
Version 1.21 fixed a problem preventing transfer of files larger than 32 megabytes.
Websphere Dav for Java
Precondition matches no longer match on the scheme, host, or port. Fixed a bug in getProperty() where the statusCode wasn't being set properly.
New Bidi release containing support for Java 2, Swing, and Thai.
New version contains fixes for JavaScript and embedded stylesheets.
Self Voicing Kit
New release includes translation to German, support for custom user interface components, and a sample Braille implementation.
TSpaces v2.1.0 is now available for download. It adds XML support and a number of other enhancements. It also includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. See TSpaces web site for further details.
New release has a number of major improvements and a lot of minor ones. The model language is now XML, the restrictions are now general restrictions in Java. The GUI has been improved.
Supports many Unicode Characters and includes a document type and formatter for plain text.
IBM Classes for Unicode
New release now conforms to the ICU coding standard. Integrated the OS/400 changes and added more codeset conversion support for Euro. It is also completely sync-ed up to all the JDK Y2K bug fixes.
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