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  e-business alliance program
  [   Mercury Interactive's E-business Alliance Program enables industry-leading e-business technology companies to have affordable access to Mercury Interactive's award winning automated testing solutions. Mercury Interactive's products may be used internally for performance testing and benchmarking, recreating customer performance problems and demonstrating scalability to prospective customers. The E-business Alliance program helps ensure reliable, scalable e-business applications for today's leading e-business application server, hardware and software vendors. If you are interested in joining Mercury Interactive's E-business Alliance program, please contact Dan Schoenbaum, mailto:%20dans@merc-int.com.
News Releases   [   BroadVision and Mercury Interactive Partner to Deliver E-Business Application Testing Solution

Ten Leading E-Business Vendors Adopt Mercury Interactive's Testing Solutions to Deliver Scalable Applications to Customers

E-Business Alliance Program Participants:
Allaire Corporation   [   Allaire Corporation is the industry's leading, independent Web platform vendor. The company's products, ColdFusion and HomeSite, are used by more than 250,000 developers worldwide to build and deploy a broad range of interactive Web applications and public Internet sites.

Brian Surkan, Allaire Corporation: "Allaire will be using LoadRunner and WinRunner for large-scale testing in its enterprise scalability lab. Mercury Interactive's e-business testing solutions will enable our ColdFusion customers to deploy highly available, scalable e-business solutions."
Ariba Technologies   [   Ariba Technologies is a leading provider of business-to-business e-commerce solutions for Operating Resource Management (ORM). The company's eCommerce products deliver return on investment by improving the acquisition and management of operating resources, the goods and services required to operate a company.

Dave Rome, Ariba Technologies: "Ariba is using WinRunner in its performance lab to ensure the continued high performance of our business-to-business e-commerce solutions. Using Mercury Interactive's e-business testing solutions, we can ensure that we deliver robust, high-performance applications to our Global 2000 clients."
Bluestone Software, Inc.   [   Bluestone Software, Inc. is the performance leader in Enterprise Interaction Management software. Companies like ARI Fleet Management, Conexant, Dreyfus Corp., Eli Lilly, MCI, Reliance National, and Time Inc. depend on Bluestone's Sapphire/Web® and XML Suite application server frameworks to integrate business applications into Web-enabled environments, manage information interactions, and exchange data with employees, partners, and customers.

Bob Bickel, Bluestone Software: "With the Web becoming an integral part of a company's branding strategy, customer facing fault tolerance is now the requirement for Web sites. Combining the industry-leading Sapphire/Web application server and Mercury Interactive's market-leading testing tools for user applications gives customers the type of quality control they have traditionally used for the rest of their business."
Calico Commerce, Inc.   [   Calico Commerce, Inc. is a leading provider of e-commerce software and services for Web-based, guided selling solutions. Calico's e-commerce solutions allow corporations to create long term strategic differentiation by redefining the way they interact with their customers.
DoubleClick Inc.   [   DoubleClick Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive global Internet advertising solutions for marketers and Web publishers. Combining technology and media expertise, DoubleClick centralizes planning, execution, control, tracking and reporting for online media campaigns.
ezlogin.com   [   ezlogin.com e-Porter is the leading gateway to personalized Web services. e-Porter's secure Web server keeps track of your bookmarks, user names, passwords, and user profiles to speed-up registration, access, and sharing of all Web services.
GemStone Systems, Inc.   [   GemStone Systems, Inc. GemStone/J 3.0 is the safest and most secure application server platform for sophisticated Java Internet commerce applications. GemStone/J 3.0 provides enterprises with the secure application infrastructure required for building, deploying and managing large-scale Internet commerce applications.

Doug Pollack, GemStone Systems: "GemStone's focus is providing our customers the most secure application server platform for sophisticated Internet commerce applications. Our partnership with Mercury Interactive and participation in its E-Business Alliance program will significantly contribute to helping our mutual customers deploy highly scalable Internet applications. We believe Mercury Interactive is emerging as a leader in scalability testing of Internet commerce applications."
nCipher Inc.   [   nCipher Inc. develops and markets security solutions for electronic commerce and the enterprise. Our nFast accelerators speed up SSL transactions on Web servers while our secure nFast/KM security modules provide both crypto acceleration and secure key management. With offices in the UK and the US, nCipher is able to provide global crypto solutions.

Richard Kosinski, nCipher: "Both nCipher and our customers benefit from using Mercury Interactive's testing solutions with our crypto offerings. Using Mercury Interactive's e-business testing solutions gives us the necessary tools to test from the end-user perspective with an integrated tool that verifies functionality and performance."
Sun   [   Sun-Netscape Alliance NetDynamics 5 Application Server delivers record-setting scalability and performance, triple the number of enterprise integration options, and fastest time to portal - the ability to develop and deploy applications. NetDynamics 5 helps customers integrate business processes and deliver them as applications on the Internet.
OneSoft Corporation   [   OneSoft Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise-class Internet commerce software and vertical market solutions that automate the growth and development of enterprise customer relationships, resulting in increased revenues, decreased costs, and optimized profits and shareholder value.
SilverStream Software, Inc.   [   SilverStream Software, Inc. is the pioneering developer of the SilverStream Application Server, which empowers users to build and deploy Web applications for the Enterprise. Users can design secure, enterprise-level, three-tier Intra/Inter/Extranet applications for deployment in Java and HTML - providing an optimized, appropriate weight client.

Bill Critch, SilverStream: "SilverStream has become an enthusiastic member of Mercury Interactive's E-Business Alliance program. Additionally, we are using Mercury Interactive's testing tools to assist in the benchmarking of performance results for the SilverStream Application Server. Working together with Mercury Interactive allows us to better ensure that customers can successfully deploy highly scalable, e-business enterprise solutions with confidence."
Symantec Corporation   [   Symantec Corporation The Symantec Internet Tools Division pioneered the Java development tools market by delivering the first integrated development environment (IDE) for Java in March 1996. Symantec continues a tradition of innovation that distinguishes VisualCafe Enterprise Suite as the market share leader in Java development technology.

Will Iverson, Symantec Corporation: "Visual Cafe customers are building enterprise e-business applications that are complex, and must perform well in a highly dynamic environment. Symantec has joined the E-Business Alliance program because we believe Mercury Interactive delivers a great tool for testing enterprise e-business applications for functionality, as well as scalability."
Vision Software   [   Vision Software's flagship product Vision JADE featuring the Business Logic Architecture delivers e-business applications that serve strategic business functions such as customer service, pricing and order configuration, financial services, healthcare information, manufacturing and inventory management, and human resource management.

Mike DeVries, Vision Software: "We are delighted to be a member of Mercury Interactive's E-Business Alliance program. E-Business applications are dynamic, exposing fast change business rules and processes directly to customer and supplier. Testing is critical - no business can afford to exposure of incorrect business rules being applied in an online world."

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