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Active Server Pages
Support for ASP
Doing Web development? Learn how to get the technical support you need on Active Server Pages in this new primer from Microsoft Support Services.

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Updated November 26
DEVELOPER NEWS The latest on Microsoft technologies & tools
Of note   December issue of Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND) magazine now online (Nov 17, Magazine)
  Bill Gates demonstrates new developer technologies at Comdex: XML and Web services (Nov 15, Conference)
  Microsoft updates Windows Media SDK with new components (Nov 10, SDK)
  Top issues on Windows 2000 application compatability, and how to solve them (Nov 5, Technical Article)
VOICES New from MSDN Online columnists and feature writers
Of note   Letters to MSDN: Favorites from our readers (Nov 22, Letters to the editor)
  From the editor's desktop: A realization (Nov 22, Editor's note)
  Servin' It Up: Increase Web app stability (Nov 22, Column)
  Code Corner: Fun with HTML forms (Nov 22, Column)
LIBRARIES New in the MSDN Library and Web Workshop
Of note   MSDN Online publishes the original version of Charles Simonyi's historic paper on Hungarian Notation (Nov 19, Technical Article)
  How to Prevent the VBA Macro Security Warning in Outlook 2000 (Nov 17, Development advice)
  New section of the MSDN Online Web Workshop focuses on Visual InterDev (Nov 3, Technical information)
  New in the MSDN Online Library: A complete online book for Access 2000 developers (Oct 29, Online book)
  A Beginner's Guide to the XML Document Object Model (DOM) (Oct 26, Technical Article)
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MEMBER COMMUNITY New for MSDN Online members
Of note   Members Helping Members: How Do I Port my DHTML Application to ASP? (Nov 17, Development advice)
  How to Capture Mouse Enter & Exit Events in an ActiveX Control Created with Visual Basic (Nov 17, Development tip)
  Tip: Quick Function for Copying ADO Recordsets (Nov 17, Development advice)
  Member Gazette: How to insert large amounts of data into SQL Server programmatically (Nov 17, Development advice)
  Tip of the Week: Connecting to a non-standard ftp port with the ftp utility (Nov 17, Development tip)
  New member download: InstallShield for Windows Installer v1.02 now available (Nov 9, Download)
  Check out the dozens of free tools in our MSDN Online Member Downloads section (Nov 2, Downloads)
  Check for advice from your peers in the newly updated MSDN Online Member Gazette Archive (Nov 1, Development advice)
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EVENTS & TRAINING Current opportunities, online or in person
Of note   Ask the Expert Chat: Stephen Mohr, XML expert and author, Mon., Nov. 29 at 11:00 AM PST (Nov 24)
  Tune in to the MSDN Online's upcoming support Webcasts, and avoid problems before they start (Nov 3)
  Free developer training on building solutions for Windows 2000 with Visual Basic and Visual C++ (Oct 20)
  Programming Windows CE-Based Applications and Device Drivers - San Jose, CA: Nov. 8-12 (Oct 18)

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SUPPORT New Knowledge Base articles
Of note   HOW TO: Use the MSDN Library Successfully with Terminal Server (Nov 23)
  HOW TO: Use ATL Consumer Template w/ Secured Jet Database (Nov 23)
  Check the schedule of Microsoft's upcoming support Webcasts (Nov 23)
  Recommended Configurations and Installation Procedures for Site Server 3.0 (Nov 23)
  Learn how to use Microsoft's Developer Support Knowledge Base with this new primer (Nov 19)
  INFO: List of Useful MDAC Setup Related Articles (Nov 11)
  INFO: What's new in ASP with Internet Information Server 5.0 (Nov 9)
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