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XML Chat with Stephen Mohr, Author of Designing Distributed Applications (Nov 22, Chat)
Monday, November 29th, 11:00-12:00 PM PST (2:00 PM EST or 7:00 PM GMT)
Chat with author and expert Stephen Mohr and ask him all of your XML related questions. As a senior software systems architect with Omicron Consulting, Stephen designs and develops systems using C++, Java, JavaScript, COM, and various internet standards and protocols.

Windows DNA XML Resource Kit CD Available (Oct 28, Offer)
The Microsoft Windows DNA XML Resource Kit provides resources to developers who want to leverage XML and XSL in their Windows DNA applications. The CD contains sample code, demos, whitepapers, and tools that showcase the use of XML with Visual Studio, SQL Server, Internet Exporer, ADO, BizTalk, and more.

XML Code Generator: Generating Visual Basic Classes from XML Schemas (Oct 28, Tool)
A DLL app that reads an XML schema and generates Visual Basic Classes. It provides a standard object-oriented way of working with XML data without having to traverse the XML DOM in order to get at the data. Includes download and walkthrough.

SQL Server XML Technology Preview (Oct 6, Download)
This technology preview demonstrates XML capabilities using SQL Server and Internet Information Server (IIS). It is an IIS ISAPI extension that provides HTTP access to SQL Server and XML data formatting and updating capabilities. Please note that this is a preview with unreleased (and preliminary) product code.

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): Objects Talking with XML (Sep 13, Spec)
SOAP provides an open, extensible way for applications to communicate using XML-based messages over the Web, regardless of what operating system, object model, or language they use. We provide an overview and the specification.

Microsoft Outlines Web Application Strategy (Sep 13, Announcement)
Read Microsoft's vision for Windows DNA 2000, an infrastructure of software building blocks that makes it possible to build a secure, reliable, highly scalable commerce system and eases the integration of heterogeneous systems and applications.

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