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Images as content of hyperlinks

A sequence of hyperlinks and pictures as content like:
<a href="customers.html"><img src= "cust.gif"></a><a href= "reaction.html"><img src= "react.gif"></a> etc...

OverviewCustomersTech SpecsReactionWhere to Buy


The result should be 5 hyperlinks and 5 embedded documents:


  1. ../data2html.asp
  2. ../data2html2.asp
  3. ../data2html3.asp
  4. ../data2html4.asp
  5. ../data2html5.asp


  1. pic1.gif
  2. pic2.gif
  3. pic3.gif
  4. pic4.gif
  5. pic5.gif

since Build 651 ok


Images as content of hyperlinks

An anchor that has more than one picture as content like:

<a href= "/"><img src="pic6.gif"><img src= "pic7.gif"></a> 


since Build 651 ok

Hyperlinks that have to be ignored

 Hyperlinks like

  2. view-source://http://
  3. <a href="javascript:void(0)">Null</a>

have to be ignored.

The follwing anchors should be ignored by the recorder

since Build 651 ok

Do not convert Url query strings to forms

Urls with an appended query string like:

<a href="../data2html.asp?sessionid= "203j0239j298fu398u2398u2309820398u2093u8">Link</a>

must not be converted to url strings, because the query string can hold a sessionid which must not be hardcoded.
Use WebPageLink(...) instead.


since Build 651 ok

Illegal nested links

<a href="http://"><a href= "http://"></a></a>

The outer anchor should be ignored. The target will be determined by the inner anchor. Anyway well known browsers add both hyperlinks to their list of anchors. When resolving this link the innermost one has to be taken.

Link to

Two possibilities that result can look like: 

According to HTML specification one hyperlink

Like browsers use to handle it

since Build 651 ok



Nasty nested link 

<a href="http://"><a href="http://"> link</a><a href= "http://lab4">lab4link</a> </a>

link lab4 link

Two hyperlinks have to be extracted:

since Build 651 ok

WebPageLink and Identification of hyperlinks

The picture is the content of a hyperlink that targets http://. The content of the second link is '' and targets http:// as well.

<a href="http://"><IMG alt=SegueLogo border=0 src="segue.gif"></a>
<a href= "http://"></a>

When you click the second link the recorder should create something like

WebPageLink("", "SilkPerformer Test Site")




Result should look like:

  1. When you click the first link: WebPageLink( identification, "SilkPerformer Test Site")
  2. When you click the second link: WebPageLink("", "SilkPerformer Test Site")

since Build 651 ok

updated: marko /24/10/00